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Financial translation

Financial Translation

Financial translation, just like technical and scientific translation, belongs to the non-fictional translations. Except that this one, terminology is applied directly on the financial and economical worlds. Thereby, the writing style in this variety must be precise, direct and brief, in this way, the correspondent readers will understand its message entirely.

It’s understandable that the main protagonist in this case is money, besides all of the transactions and changes that it causes.

The translated data is for investors, managers, clients and employees. The goal of this kind of genre is to communicate the economical fluxes and to provide a better customer service.

Galleon translations has the objective to guarantee complete confidentiality of all financial texts and messages, at the same time, we protect the privacy of our clients in institutions, organizations, enterprises and banks.

    This enterprise offers translation services in the following financial genres:
  • Bank reports
  • Fiscal data
  • Taxes
  • Financial contracts
  • Stocks
  • And many more genres of financial texts.

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