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Galleon Translations

Our company focuses on translation services from English to Spanish. The education and experience we have received allows us to translate several types documents and all the genres that belong to each one.

The variety of clients that we have received has ranged widely.

We work from clients that from Europe and United States, which means that while you are at home in bed, we take care of the translation.

Some of the entities that have sent us work are electricity companies, ONGs, medical associations, American schools, ethnical organizations, and many more. 

Moreover, this Company has done translation services on several literary fields (both fiction and non-fiction) and we understand the differences between them, which we recognize and apply to deliver a high-quality translation.

Why Galleon Translations?

Galleon translation provides translation services to texts from English to Spanish. Our company engages itself with quality and the confidentiality that any client expects from us. 

We completely understand that the client is the only owner of its information and we will never publish any information without the client’s consent. Therefore, nobody will have access to the data that is sent.

Our enterprise takes care of sending your message to the Spanish speaking nations in the world.

We work of every linguistic aspect in your text. Therefore, we investigate and take the best decisions possible so the content can reach its desired target audience. We would like you to contact us, so your text can get the proper translation service.

    The process that we use to translate a document or video is the following:
      1.Read the text, understand its genre, style and content.
      2.Investigate in-depth about the subject.
      3.Translate and create a first draft.
      5.Deliver the material.

Worldwide clients

Our service has reached clients in different parts of the world


Delivered projects

Clients have relied on us for every one of their projects.

Time doesn’t affect us

We are always at your service to deliver your projects on time.

What we do?

Our Services


Audiovisual translations

Audiovisual translation is about adding subtitles or dubbing into another language either a series, a film, a video or an audio.

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Scientific and technical translation

Scientific and technical translation have a very wide variety genres of text for translation. The style and content of these texts is strictly formal, therefore, one of its highlighting traits is its terminology.

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For a text to be done properly, it needs proofreading. For this, we verify if there are any spelling mistakes, grammar or style.


Financial translation

Financial translation is about translating text coming from Banks or any other financial entity. This kind of translation belongs to the non-fiction kind.

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Literary translation

Literary translation is about translating fiction: Short stories, novels, poetry, essays and plays.

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Exciting and captivating trade-show exhibits, putting our clients in the spotlight.


GPS receivers and laser range who finders, unmanned aerial vehicles, inertial systems.

Ajuste de Guiones

Trimble’s branding and images. IGE also created a low-energy lighting solution.

Transcripciones de Video

It was a game changer; it simplified the often complicated process of converting.

Language must be mathematical, geometrical and sculptural. The idea has got to fit exactly in the phrase, so exactly that nothing can be removed from the phrase without removing that of the idea
José Martí

nternational translation services, English- Spanish.


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