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This the most artistic of all kinds of translation. The texts that are translated are mainly fictional. Therefore, the translator must work to preserve the versatile style in the mentioned genres, especially in poetry so the translator can have the same impact in the target language. As for the rest of the texts, the remaining is prose and within the same one can find particular stylistics in each writer, like the author’s tone.

Like fiction itself, the content of these texts is abstract and filled with emotions. The translator must find the way (through techniques and methods) to express the soul of the text. This kind of translation allows people to know other cultures through time and space.

Translated literature can be an alternative to canonic literature from a nation or community, because it can show to the reader cultural aspects, concepts and feelings of other countries translated in the intended target language. For example, people can read the literary translation of classical texts from each continent: “A thousand and One Nights” (Eastern tales), “Faust” (Germany), Greek philosophy, “A Hundred Years of Solitude” (Colombia) or the indigenous myths of the Americas. For literary translation it’s important to communicate in another way, in other tones, about such ideologies. It’s about making understand in the known language and introducing the linguistic complexities that will enrich the idioms and identity in the reader. In this branch of translation there is a transcultural procedure that achieves phrasal and syntax reconstruction, as well as the emotional and the subjective manifestations of the narrative in the reader.

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