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Scientific and technical translation

Scientific and Technical Translation

The texts that scientific and technical translation translate are non-fictional. Its terminology is one of its special traits, because in such professional concepts have a meaning that belong in a specific field, therefore, it must be translated in the same way. The variety of text genres in the scientific and technical field are is very wide. This ranges from manuals, text books, patents, prescriptions and even medical articles.

In this particular context, usually the text is translated in a way that is addressed to another professional, unless the client instructs otherwise. Consequently, the accuracy of its grammar, semantics and lexicon is of high level. It is common that the main reader in this branch is another expert.

Because they belong to the non-fiction genres, these documents are straightforward, they do not allow uncertainties. Among other objectives, theirs is to inform or educate. Its style has no slang, it’s direct and it’s faultless. Whereas the content carries its respective terminology depending on the topic, or neologisms are created depending on what is being described.

For these texts, the translator must investigate entirely about the subject, which will help a much deeper comprehension of it, and will make translation a precise one.

Moreover, scientific and technical texts have a special writing style, due to its great use of numbers and acronyms in sentences, it has to adapt to the rules of metatexts, because there are many institutions that regulate the way in which this kind of content is written.

Nevertheless, if a client has as goal to translate an article for the general public an adaptation is applied, in which all the complex traits are removed, that is, transform it from a text that is mainly for professionals to one that is understandable to a regular population, also called heterogeneous translation.

    Genres to which we offer scientific and technical translation:
  • Medication package insert
  • Medical articles
  • Public adaptation of medical articles
  • Prescriptions
  • Text books
  • Clinical trials
  • Advertising
  • Manuals or any information content

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